Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That Nerdcast: Episode 001 -- Mad Max Fury Road!

Welcome to "That Nerdcast: Episode 001 -- Mad Max Fury Road!" Special guest host Nick Servatius and myself give our totally spoiler filled thoughts on the most insane action movie of the past ten or fifteen years.... Mad Max: Fury Road!

I've wanted to do something a bit different with this blog for quite a while now and Podcasting is something I already spend a lot of time doing (you can check me out over on The Purple People Podcast!) soooo, I decided that the next logical step would be to Podcast... everything-the-fuck-else that I enjoy. Movies. Books. Comics. Games. Toys.

Written content will of course still be the primary feature around here as well as the return of the 2015 Halloween and Christmas Countdown. And now I can Podcast during some of the downtime between written articles and create some more "enhanced content"

You may also need to update any previous bookmarks or outside links because I went and purchased a domain name. It seemed like the next natural progression. Instead of having a huge "Blogspot URL" you can now find me online at WWW.THATNERDCAST.COM. Pretty cool eh!

So thanks for everyone who stuck around for the first few years of The Astro Lounge and welcome to the next phase of THAT Nerdcast!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Bag of Bones Cheetos

**clears voice**

Hello everyone! It has been far to long since I've last pounded away on the old keyboard and posted some sort of (stupid) new content. This seems to happen every year... a combination of being burnt out from pushing through so much "holiday material" and then hitting the January lull of absolutely nothing interesting happening.

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I think I've finally made it past those those post-Christmas blues and am ready to return to do, uhh... whatever it is that I do around here.

Today's post comes brought to you by the fact that I am hoarder of stupid shit and am currently trying to sort through this mess.

Point in case, Cheetos Bag of Bones from Halloween 2014. One of the many things that I purchased with the intent of writing about and then never actually got around to writing about. Story of my life.

Since today has been a particularly cloudy, rainy day and I've got my copy of John Carpenter's "Lost Themes" playing off in the background, I can think of no better time that now to write about leftover Halloween goodies.

Also, I've been looking at this dumb bag of Cheetos on my floor for like seven months now and am really looking forward to throwing it in the trash. Even if it is always-sort-of-Halloween at my household.... this particular piece has overstayed its welcome.

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I feel like we all sort of take for granted just how strange of a holiday Halloween really is. It's easy to do when all of a sudden every trip to the supermarket is filled with bats and bones, pumpkins and bloodshed.

I'm sensing a really strong Tim Burton / Corpse Bride vibe and I like it. Bonus points are also awarded for Bag of Bones Cheetos basically encouraging you to play with your food.

Taking a step back from it all... isn't it pretty amazing that for one month out of the year we get to eat Cheetos shaped like disemboweled skeleton parts? (hint: it is)

Within the next few weeks I will be rolling out some decidedly summer themed articles and posts but in the back of my mind... I am already thinking about the 2015 Halloween Season!