Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Fuzzy Friends

Warning: Pretty much every time I try one of these "decorate your own" kits the results are fairly disastrous. So with that in mind I present for your viewing pleasure... Fuzzy Friends!

Fuzzy Friends can be attained at your local Target shopping center for the price of an Abraham Lincoln denomination plus tax. You'll find them gently tucked away in the madness of the Halloween section, somehow shoved between the stack of severed heads and bottles of fake blood.

Click for Larger Image!

Clearly aimed at a much younger demographic, this kit allows us to create four unique Halloween inspired characters. A vampire, black cat, skeleton, and spider.  It is a nice little variety of creatures that your kids will no doubt enjoy creating.

Fuzzy Friends would be a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids and get them excited for Halloween. Yea, yea, yea... this is all fine and dandy but I don't have kids and I don't have an afternoon to spend making Fuzzy Friends out of pipe cleaners and pieces of colored foam.

I'm doing something different with my kit.

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First I have to point out the instruction manual. Lord almighty. I've never been one to follow instructions that well and I do not intend on starting just because Fuzzy Friends suggests that I do. Like I suspected, this kit assumes the creator is going to follow those instructions to the dime and make exactly what is pictured on the front of the box.

I don't plan on doing that at all. What is the fun in creating what has already been made? It sort of defeats the entire point of arts and crafts if you are now allowed to wander away from the directions and create something unique.

Click for Larger Image!
There are two important things I want you to take away from this photo. One, it would take way longer than I want to spend on this kit to create all four of the suggested creatures.

Two, I will not be using roughly 80% of the included pieces. For some reason only a hand full of the pieces have the sticky adhesive stuff on the back side of them. The rest of them, you are supposed to cut your own sticky backing. Thus taking more time with Fuzzy Friends than I will be spending.

If you think I'm short changing this article for the sake of speeding through it, be prepared to eat your words. I've channeled the true spirit of The Great Pumpkin and created a unique being that is so much cooler than you could imagine

And I did it in far less time and with considerably less pieces. Behold:

Click for Larger Image!
His name is Bruce and he is by far one of my favorite things I have ever created for this website. He stands just a little over three inches tall, makes use of all four creature heads, and only about twelve of the foam pieces.

He's part Yeti, part demon, with an exposed rib cage, googly eyes, and an awesome haircut. Plus I think he could double for a voodoo doll if you were really pressed for time.

I wish I could say I had some grand design in mind when I brought Bruce to life, but honestly I just started sticking pieces together and this is what I came up with. Sometimes, I think its best not to over-think these things.

All kidding aside, Fuzzy Friends actually is worth the price of admission. I have no idea what the actual creatures would look like and really don't care. I still think the best use for this kit is to lay everything out in front of you and craft something different.

I might need to buy a second kit and make a friend for Bruce.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cadbury Screme Eggs!

I've been sitting on these Cadbury Screme Eggs for about three weeks now. They were one of the first bits of Halloween candy to be released this season and I distinctly remember flipping out over them in the store.

Unfortunately after I purchased these they somehow got lost among all the other Halloween junk that I brought home and when I found them again accidentally forgot about them until today. I meant to cover these weeks ago, back when Cadbury Eggs that leak green fluids would have seemed so much more... important.

Realizing completely that the closer we get to the unholy holiday of Halloween the more you guys want to see the bigger and stranger items released this season. I promise that stuff is coming up very shortly. In the mean time let's give these Cadbury Screme Eggs their proper fifteen minutes of fame.

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Cadbury Eggs are synonymous with Easter, first debuting all the way back in 1963 and have became a staple of the holiday ever since. You'll find the traditional Easter Cadbury Eggs each year from roughly January through the tail end of March.

Over the years Cadbury Eggs have seen all sorts of different variations and releases. There have been caramel flavored, berry flavored, peppermint, and mint Cadbury Eggs. They've been momentarily released year round before someone realized that seasonal releases was the best route to stick with.

I guess it was only inevitable that at some point, Cadbury Eggs would dawn a black foil package and play dress up for Halloween.

Screme Eggs, which is a clever yet annoying adjective to type, taste identical to your standard garden variety Easter Cadbury Eggs. Following the tired but true formula of 'if its broke don't fix it'. The only differences here are done on the cosmetic front. But man oh man does it ever impress.

Black tinfoil with purple accents and green splattered slime make this normally colorful and cheery Easter candy seem right at home in the devils holiday. It is a very nice redesign and makes an item that would be otherwise quite easy to miss stand out amongst the hundreds of other candies all vying for our attention.

Click for Larger Image!
On the inside is were Screme Eggs go the extra mile and transform from a simple package upgrade to a Halloween item that truly is worthy  of a couple hundred written words.

The inside filling has been converted to look like a toxic waste dump. I approve of this decision. So many times you'll run across seasonal Halloween items that are nothing more than a simple package design. A bat here. Witch there. Product inside which is completely unaltered.

This toxic green sludge may seem like a minor alteration but trust me, sometimes it is the minor things like this which separate the bad items from the ones destined to go down in legend.

It is hard to say how big of a deal Cadbury Screme Eggs will be with the general public. I find it tough to imagine many kids loosing there shit over such a small item but I know that I really appreciate what Cadbury has created and hope that the Screme Egg will return for 2013 and beyond!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snickers Pumpkins!

Halloween 2012 is off to a roaring start and the closer we get to October its starting to look more and more like this season is going to be the best we've had in years. This is despite the fact that most retail chains are already clearing out large sections to usher in Santa Claus and his band of mutated flying deer.

Normally I am all up in arms when Christmas sticks its red ass this early into the Halloween season but this year, it seems like Halloween has such a strong presence that it doesn't matter how hard retail stores want us to start thinking red and green...we are all going to sit around and eat Candy Corn Oreos and make Christmas wait its turn.

Which is nice because it gives us all the perfect opportunity to spend some time with a new friend on the Halloween Market... Snickers Pumpkins!

Halloween Candy

No doubt you are familiar with Reeses Pumpkins as those have been for sale since roughly the Regan Administration. Take that exact same concept and apply it to the traditional Snickers bar and boom goes the dynamite, instant Halloween product.

I am going to be perfectly honest here, Snickers Pumpkins are not the kind of item that jumps off the shelf at you and commands an instant purchase. You'll see throughout the remainder of the 2012 Halloween Countdown items that are bigger, better, and more... to be frank, interesting. And you know what? That is exactly what I like the most about Snickers Pumpkins.

It is one of the few items that you don't have to plan in advance to truly enjoy, which is not always the case with items that I cover during these countdowns.

Halloween Candy

Snickers Pumpkins are one of those things that you can pick up for under $1.00 at the gas station on your way home from work and munch on them later on in the evening while watching your favorite horror movie on.

They make for a great way to quickly and effectively enjoy the Halloween season without the need to spend a lot of time or money. It is something that more seasonal items should strive to achieve!
So while Snickers Pumpkins are not the biggest or even the best item that you'll find this season they have an important roll in making Halloween a success. It is the small items like this that are really the backbone of a successful season. So next time you are at the store, take a minute to locate a package of these candy pumpkins. You'll find that somehow, the fall season seems just a little bit better when you do.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Box of Boogers!

Box of Boogers. I cannot explain all the feelings that you are making me feel. My heart is in overdrive and you are behind the steering wheel. If I could marry a single item from the 2012 Halloween Countdown, I am absolutely positively for sure that it would be this one. And that is really saying something in a season that's seen Candy Corn Oreos hit the market.

We have not even reached October yet and Target has already filled its shelves with some of the best Halloween items I have seen in years. Old friends have gotten fantastically freaky package upgrades while some of the best new items to hit stores in what seems like forever have started popping up like an uncontrollable rash. 

Folks, if this is any indication for what the next month and a half has in store for us then Halloween 2012 is going to be one for the Guinness Books.

Halloween Candy
Click for Larger Image!
"TANGY GUMMY BOOGIES that LOOK and FEEL REAL!" Never has a product description summed up the contents of a sealed box more perfectly than this. Indeed, you are looking at a box of gummy candies that have been made to look like motherfucking boogers.

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that the glory known as 'Box of Boogers' has actually been for sale since roughly 2008. That's right, I've gone four years without realizing this stuff exits. And I go out of my way to look for interesting things like this to write about.

Clearly the spirit of Halloween is on my side this season. This also proves that no matter how much you may think you've seen all the sights, heard all the sounds, and ate all the boogers that Halloween has to offer... you should never skip a season.

No matter how big or small, Halloween will always find a way to impress each and every year. This season, for me personally, this box of boogers rejuvenated my Halloween spirit when I needed it the most.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Candy Corn Oreos

A little prerequisite is in order before we dive head first into the single greatest item of the 2012 Halloween season. I have to give a big thank you to one of my readers for sending me the item I am about to cover today. I was having difficulty locating this in my area and she was kind enough to not only send me a bag but tossed in a couple other awesome items that you'll all be seeing later on in the countdown. I cannot thank you enough, Karen!

And with those formalities out of the way I am proud to present to you... Candy Corn Oreos!

Halloween Oreos
Click for Larger Image!
I do have to admit that I am a tad late to the game with this review, but I assure you it is not for a lack of trying. I checked. Double checked. Triple checked. Preformed a few human sacrifices, blood of the innocent... that sort of thing. But no matter what I tried I just could not find these cookies in my local market.

One of the big downfalls of living in the state of Iowa is that we are viewed as a 'small market'. A lot of the really cool promotional items, we either don't get... or they show up about six weeks after the initial release date.

Which is another reason why I am extra thankful to have these suckers shipped directly to my house!

Halloween Oreos
Click for Larger Image!
Unless you have been living under some sort of proverbial rock, there is a really strong chance that you've heard of Candy Corn Oreos by now. For whatever reason these cookies have became a big deal.

When it comes to seasonally released or otherwise limited edition items they tend to come and go without much real fan fair. People like me tend to get worked up and excited about them but for everyone else... I always just assume they are a thing that exists for a short while and then sort of fade away without so much as a second thought.

Candy Corn Oreos have broke down whatever mental barrier typically exists in a normal human brain that tells a person 'these are just cookies' and literally shit pumpkin guts and vampire bats all over it. People have been freaking out over the existence of Oreos that taste like Candy Corn.

And rightfully so, because folks these are not just cookies. Candy Corn Oreos are a literal representation of the spirit of Halloween. Once that's been sliced, diced, and processed into cookie format. This is Halloween. And you can hold onto it in the palm of your hand.

Halloween Oreos
Click for Larger Image!
Everything about Candy Corn Oreos is an experience. Including otherwise mundane tasks like simply opening the bag, even that somehow turns into an adventure. You see Candy Corn Oreos have hands down the strongest 'new package' scent in the history of new package smells.

It is like this, imagine getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson... only his gloves are actually gigantic pieces of candy corn. And a huge chunk of those imaginary candy corn gloves broke off four inches into your nasal cavity. Every time you take a breath in you cannot help but smell candy corn.

That is exactly what opening up a package of Candy Corn Oreos is like. Every single time. I don't know how the fine folks at the Nabisco have done it but they somehow made these cookies smell more like candy corn than an actual opened bag of candy corn.

Halloween Oreos
Click for Larger Image!
For years now I've thought that it would be cool if some other snack food would attempt to step up to the plate and challenge Halloween Oreos longstanding reign as the unholy king of Halloween snack foods. 

It seems sort of ironic that the item which makes the strongest case for doing so is still an Oreo!

So how do Candy Corn Oreos stack up against the long standing, traditional Halloween Oreo favorite? Quite well, actually. We all know that Halloween Oreos are really no different than traditional Oreos, save for a change in frosting color and a spruced up Halloween package design. Candy Corn Oreos go for an entirely new flavor and completely knock it out of the ballpark!

Halloween Oreos
Click for Larger Image!
This frosting would make Harvey Dent proud. Has there ever been an Oreo cookie released with dual colored frosting before? I'm not sure if there has been. Yet another groundbreaking feature found in Candy Corn Oreos.

Which brings us to the final question and the one that will ultimately decide if Candy Corn Oreos deserve to be called The Best Halloween Item of 2012 or if all of this has been moot to the point. How do they taste?

Quite simply... they taste like candy corn. Which somehow seems sort of anti-climatic but I assure you that this is the best candy corn on the face of the planet.

I've had a few people ask me if they should give Candy Corn Oreos a shot even if they don't like traditional candy corn. And the answer is still a resounding yes. While it tastes like candy corn it is important to remember that this is still Oreos take on candy corn. They've gone majorly out of their way to make sure that it tastes as good as it possibly can.

I could spend another twelve paragraphs detailing how Candy Corn Oreos are the single greatest thing to happen to the month of Halloween in years but instead I will leave you with this bold prediction. Come Christmas time... Candy Cane Oreos will be a thing that actually exists. I really hope that comes true!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Special Message From (Not) Ghost Face!

Ghost Face

I was out for a midnight stroll this past Saturday. Leisurely hanging out in and around my favorite set of bushes, scoping out my next victim  birdwatching. When a series of unfortunate events occurred that resulted in the untimely demise of my cellular telephone.

Unfortunately, my telephone is an inaugural part of my home business. It is were I store all of my victims business associates telephone numbers as well as home address and other important information.

Therefore if you could please 'like' and 'share' this photograph on Facebook as well as provide me with your home address, telephone number, as well as  a list of your 'Favorite Scary Movies' it would be much appreciated.

If you are wondering what my business is and whether or not you quality for the home murder package in home service package please truthfully fill out the following questionnaire:
If you answered FOUR or more of these questions with a YES then congratulations, you are pre-qualified for a full line of service.

Thank You,
-- Not Ghost Face

Monday, September 17, 2012


Apex: a pinnacle or high point, as of a career, story, etc.

I can think of no better word than 'apex'  to describe S.L.U.G. Zombies, perhaps one of the best new toy lines to come out in years.

Scary Little Ugly Guys or S.L.U.G.'s for short are miniaturized soft plastic 'army men' style toys done up in the vein of the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy line of the 1980's. The main difference is that S.L.U.G.'s ... an acronym that I will no doubt tire of writing by articles end, are all zombified takes on different pop culture themes and characters.

In other words, awesome. It is not even October and we might have already reached the apex of the 2012 Halloween Countdown. Carve your pumpkins now and put up the Christmas Tree tomorrow. Halloween might as well be over, as it has no place to go but downhill from here.

Click for Larger Image!
Oh. My. Gawd. I could sing. I could dance. I could preform black magic witch craft. All to show my undying love for this brilliant looking package. It is a cardboard coffin filled with little green monsters ready to break out from inside!

Folks, this is one of those package designs that legends are made of. I've often told stories of the gigantic action figure battles that I used to have when I was a kid. How my room was sectioned off with one side being the good guys fortress and the other half being the bad guys evil stronghold.

Without question this cardboard coffin would have been one of those things that I'd have held onto for years. Easily becoming the center piece for my action figures evil lair.

Click for Larger Image!
Lurking deep inside the cardboard casket are twelve of the creepiest Scary Little Ugly Guys that you are likely to find this Halloween season. Most of them are green, two of them are pink, all of them are awesome.

Each figure comes complete with a short little biography, which we will take a look at today. As well as briefly breaking down what makes each figure so special. By the end of this piece I think you'll all agree that S.L.U.G. Zombies are one of the coolest items we'll cover this Halloween season.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Free Halloween Facebook Covers!

Facebook recently rolled out the new timeline profiles which give users the ability to set a unique image behind your main profile image, called a cover photo. These cover photos can be anything you want and are free to change them as often as you'd like. I think they are a great way to express yourself and show others what sort of things you are interested in.

With Halloween right around the corner I figured a lot of people would be looking to spruce up there Facebook profiles with some unique horror movie themed cover photos. I know I am.

Here are some images that you are free to use on your own profile! Just click on each photo for the full sized images, right click and go to "save as" to save the file to your computer. Then simply log onto Facebook and upload it onto your cover file and... boom, instant Halloween!

This is the first batch of photos that I have done, look for more to come periodically throughout the remainder of the 2012 Halloween Countdown... and if you have any requests for any horror movies / themes you would like to see turned into Facebook cover photos, just leave those down below in the comment section!

Stay Spooky!

Michael Jackson Walking Dead
Michael Jackson / Walking Dead
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason

The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead

Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason

The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead

John Carpenter's Halloween
John Carpenter's Halloween

John Carpenter's Halloween

Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Art Contest Update # 1

A couple days ago I drew you a crappy vampire and glued it to a paper plate. I then asked for your best piece of Halloween artwork in return. Let's take a look at the first submission I have received:

Sexy Vampire
Click for Larger Image!
This one comes from Tim Santoro, "Vampirella I airbrushed :)" Great job, Tim! I've gotten to know Tim through a Halloween Facebook group I run called Halloween Fanatics and as you can see... he does some excellent work with an airbrush!

The Halloween Art Contest will run until October 31st and remember, you do not have to be as talented as Tim to enter! Feel free to send me whatever crazy submissions you can think up. Draw with crayons, paintbrushes, pens or pencils. You can photoshop or spend five minutes in MS Paint. Whatever you'd like. This is completely open.

You can tweet any entries to @AstroLounge101 or send them to my e-mail address at ... either way I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with!

Stay Spooky Everyone!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's !

Halloween M&Ms

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's are one of the first Halloween items to hit shelves in 2012. Which is not really all that surprising, candy is always among the earliest spooky items to hit the market. You just know that when you start seeing candy corn for sale... Halloween is not far behind.

It seems that the brain-heads behind M&M's decided that they needed to capitalize on the candy corn market and create a hybrid M&M / candy corn monster. Thus, White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's are born.

And you know what, they are not even the best candy corn substitute on the market this year. That honor goes to Candy Corn Oreo's. Yes, I know about them.

It also turns out that White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's are a product of 2011. So technically I am about a year behind in writing about them. Let's pretend they are new for 2012. Halloween is the season for make believe right?

Halloween M&Ms
Click for Larger Image!
The package hits the perfect combination of both fall and Halloween, a decidedly tough combo to achieve. What I enjoy most is the Red M&M dressed up as a piece of candy corn. Which seems innocent at first, a simple play on M&M's that taste like candy corn. No. Its far creepier then that. Allow me to explain.

This is exactly like that scene in The Devils Rejects in which Bill Moseley cuts the skin off that country singer dude and turns it into the single greatest Halloween costume ever crafted.

Think about it, Red is a piece of candy dressed up as another piece of candy. Clearly he killed and hallowed out some poor piece of candy corn and is now currently dressed up in its remains. Just look at the look on the smug bastards face. Cold blooded killer.

Halloween M&Ms
Click for Larger Image!
Upon first glance, you may think that you are looking at a bowl full of Reese's Pieces. White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's are deceptive like that. Realistically, I think this is a combination industrial plastic and styrophome packaging peanuts.

To put it bluntly White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's taste like shit.

Marks have been missed. Goals have been overshot and heads have been severed. Folks, we have M&M's that don't taste anything like M&M's ... and don't taste a thing like candy corn either.

Color me perplexed. Here is an item that I would love to get behind that somehow just falls completely flat on its face. It stinks but it is the unfortunate truth. 2012 has a lot of really good candy items that I will be covering throughout the remainder of the countdown and there is no point in wasting your hard earned cash on a junky item such as this.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Halloween is Grinch Night!

The Grinch
Click for Larger Image!
 Yesterday I wrote a awesome horrible piece about toothpaste. Today I am making up for yesterdays fiasco the only way I know how, with The Grinch!

Are you familiar with Dr. Seuss's classic story 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'? Chances are you've seen it countless times as a child and many more as an adult. In terms of classic Christmas cartoons I rank the Grinch all the way up into my top three of all time.

What you might not know is that Christmas is not the only holiday to receive a Grinch related special, Halloween has one too. Released back in 1977 Halloween Is Grinch Night is sort of the oddball stepchild of Halloween related TV specials.

It gets practically no airtime on television, as a matter of fact I don't even know the last time it aired nationally, and has never received its own stand alone release on DVD (though it does have a VHS version available). If you want to watch it you'll have to track down a copy of Dr. Seuss's 'Green Eggs and Ham' ... Grinch Night is stuck on that disc as a bonus special feature. Unless you know what to look for, there is a good chance you'll accidentally pass it up.

As you'll soon see, Halloween Is Grinch Night acts as an interesting side journey into a Grinch character that we've all grown to know and love from his Christmas outing.

Most importantly, since Halloween Is Grinch Night was produced back in 1977 the entire cartoon feels like one gigantic acid trip. Complete with all sorts of strange dancing skeletons and gigantic Grinch eyebrows that fly around because why wouldn't this cartoon have gigantic Grinch eyebrows that fly around.. Halloween Is Grinch Night is fantastic in the weirdest way possible. If you only know and love the character from his Christmas special, you are in for a special treat. Read on as we take an extra special in depth look at the Grinch's Halloween special that time has forgotten....

I'm Writing About Halloween Toothpaste

Click for Larger Image!
I know what you are thinking because quite frankly I am thinking the same thing... why am I writing about Colgate toothpaste? I don't seemed like a good idea at the time. Halloween toothpaste, I said with a chuckle. 'That is just strange enough to be worth writing about!' Folks, I was wrong.

It seems that no matter what sort of fancy package you put it in... toothpaste is really just that, toothpaste. Therefore, I decided to waste a bunch of it and draw vague Halloween images onto a sheet of orange construction paper. Before we get to that, I should probably explain just what exactly brought us here tonight.

Click for Larger Image!
Blame Target for having hands down the best selection of Halloween candy I've seen in years currently for sale. No joke, whatever you have planned for tomorrow... it's not worth it, instead go to Target and wander around the Halloween candy section and you'll see what I mean. If this is any indication as to what 2012 has in store come October time, we are in for one hell of a holiday season.

I seriously snagged a whole shopping cart full of items for this years countdown, and at some point this toothpaste ended up in the mix as well. What can I say, I got excited from all the other Halloween items and grossly misjudged a tube of toothpaste into thinking it was the second coming of The Great Pumpkin.

Click for Larger Image!
Scroll back up to that first image and tell me what you spot first. You seen the words 'GLOW IN THE DARK' right? How could you not, they are front and center on the top of the package. Right there. Tantalizing. Screaming out to you to buy this toothpaste and twenty more identical bottles of it just in case you run out.

You see I thought that the toothpaste itself was going to glow in the dark. That would have been awesome! I planned an entire article out in my mind, one that had a clever Zuul reference stuck in the middle of it. Instead, it is just the stupid label that glows. And it doesn't even glow all that well. What a load of horse crap.

Click for Larger Image!
I decided the only course of action at this point was to draw a ghost out of toothpaste. He looked much better until I gave him those arms, turns out toothpaste is quite difficult to draw with.

You'll get no Zuul tonight. You'll get no glowing toothpaste either. Hell, you don't even really get a glowing label... but I did get to somehow turn this into an arts and crafts project. That my friends is called satisfaction on a personal level.

For those wondering if Colgate has concocted any sort of strange hybrid Candy Corn scented toothpaste, I am here to shoot down those thoughts too. This is just your average run of the mill watermelon flavor. Pretty much like every other brand of children's toothpaste. Piss on you, Colgate.

There is a silver lining to this post and the reason why I wanted to get it out of the way early. Whatever my follow up piece to this article is will look like the goddam Great Gatsby in comparison.

I'll make up for this post with something really awesome tomorrow, I promise.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lego Monster Fighters

Lego Monster Fighters is a series of Lego playsets of various sizes and scales all based around one central theme, horror movie monsters and the badass dudes who hunt them! This toy line first hit shelves in May of 2012 but clearly seems the most at home here, during the spooktacular season of Halloween.

I picked up the Swamp Creature set, one of the smaller in the series. This one was only $6.99 and contains 70 Lego pieces. Monster Fighters rang anyplace from dirt ass cheap to incredibly expensive. The largest of the bunch being the $180 Haunted House setup, including a massive 2064 pieces and five different monster themed mini figures.

Swamp Creature
Click for Larger Image!
These sets may have been out for a couple months now but I have not found them in my area until recently. I call this the 'pushover effect' in which items that are not technically Halloween related, suddenly become more visible during this time of year and sort of piggyback off the holiday. When the item is as neat as Lego Monster Fighters, I've no problem with it showing up right now.

As you can see from the front of the box, if this isn't technically a Halloween item it is clearly the next big thing. The spooky font, the green swamp monster, the full moon set in a dark night time sky... Lego might as well stamped the word 'HALLOWEEN' in big bold letters on the front of the box....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Drew You A Vampire

Twilight Contest
Click for Larger Image!
I drew you a vampire and glued him to a paper plate for September 4th's Halloween Countdown Entry. Tweet me your own Halloween artwork @AstroLounge101 and I'll post the best ones periodically throughout the next two months.

Those without twitter can simply e-mail submissions to ... whichever way you chose to send them remember to include your name and if you so chose, any contact information!

Goodluck and I look forward to seeing what spooky creations everyone comes up with. And remember, you do not have to be an artist to enter! Feel free to get creative and me whatever your bloody heart desires.

Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Halloween Oreo's Resurrected!

It has turned into a bit of a tradition that at the start of every Halloween Countdown I make note of the fact that Halloween Oreo's have once again returned to our dimension from wherever they hide when it is not September or October.

This year Nabisco has unleashed Halloween Oreo's in a new redesigned package, one that screams Halloween in the best way possible.

2012 Halloween Oreo
Click for Larger Image!
The thing about Halloween Oreo's is that, generally speaking, they are among the first seasonal items to hit store shelves. They are the first big release to come out and tell us that it is indeed alright to start worshiping The Great Pumpkin again.

Honestly is there a better way to start celebrating Halloween than with orange filled Oreo cookies? I cannot think of one and if there is, I am not sure I want to hear about it.

2012 Halloween Oreo
Click for Larger Image!
You see those shapes imprinted on the top of each cookies, they may or may not very from year to year. For 2012 we have ghosts, witches, cats, and other shapes that I could not be bothered with. Imprinted cookie shapes are nice and all but let's be honest here folks, these Oreo's are all about the orange filling. Everything else is secondary to the mighty orange mofo'in frosting.

2012 Halloween Oreo
Click for Larger Image!
Here is a toothpick monster that I made out of the candy that I had sitting around on my Halloween Mood Table, I've named him Mezzanie because that seems like a logical name for him.

Mezzanie has found a new home on my Halloween Mood Table, as a matter of fact I have promoted him to the tables Chief Operating Officer of Spooky Relations. I don't know what that title means but Mezzanie sure is proud to be one.

In conclusion: Halloween Oreo's are totally a thing you should buy. No matter what the outdoor thermometer says (and mine is reading 96) September = Halloween and Halloween Oreo's = Love