Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Retro 7up Glass Bottles in 2011 !

Certain trends are just awesome. My favorite trend of the past couple of years would have to be retro themed packaging. If you want to make your product appear hip and cool all a company really needs to do is slap on an old logo and a gigantic Limited Edition sticker and you got yourself a formula for success. Don't believe me? Walk into any gas station across America and you will notice a choice between alternative flavors of Mountain Dew and Pepsi now in a nifty little throwback bottle. Keep looking and you'll find that Doritos have brought back the long defunct Nacho flavor and is selling it in a package straight out of the early 60's. I would even go so far as to call the return of Mountain Dew Pitch Black part of this current retro trend.

Therefore I do not find it the least bit surprising that 7up has decided to join the retro bandwagon. But 7up has managed to differentiate themselves from the pack by not only releasing a retro version of their popular soft drink but also by going the extra mile by bringing back the old school glass bottles. For my younger readers out there, allow me to explain. Years ago when you went to a gas station or convenience store to purchase soda you had two options. One could go for the 12 ounce metal can, just like the ones sold in stores today or you could get the second option, the 16 ounce glass bottle. The glass bottles were fantastic, they where big, thick, and heavy. They kept your soda colder and required a specialized device to unscrew the top. I approve anything that requires specialized devices in order to open it. On top of all of that soda just simply tastes better in a glass container. Go ahead and ask anyone old enough to have drank from them regularly, we will all tell you that its true.

I loved the old glass soda bottles and they will always hold a special place with the rest of my childhood memories. So naturally they were slowly fazed out over the years until they all together vanished from store shelves. Astute readers out there may be able to find the mini-glass bottles that Coca Cola sells (in mostly overseas markets) but those are really quite tough to come by around here. Therefore I really do not feel like they count. The retro 7up Glass Bottles on the other hand, these totally count. So let's take a look at another awesome new product for Summer 2011! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Relaxing and What's to Come!

Hard to believe that it's the middle of June already isn't it? You know what that means, we are getting dangerously close to the "two month rule" of Holidays. This "two month rule" is some sort of bizarre unspoken rule of retail stores which allows them to start putting decorations out two months in advance. This means Halloween decorations are literally going to be here by mind August.

Personally, I have already started preparing for the season. When you put on as big of a display as I do you kind of have to get an early start on things, otherwise come October everything just sort of turns into chaos. It makes it tough to actually enjoy my favorite time of year when I'm constantly having to worry about wither or not I'll be able to pull everything off in time. I'm always counting down the days until Halloween and Christmas but for some reason today just feels like the day that I do not have to do it in secret anymore.

With all of that said, I'm really just trying to enjoy whats left of summer while it's still here. I hate to refer to Summer 2011 in the past-tense already but I just cannot shake the feeling that it's true. Seems like just yesterday when I was writing about gearing up for Summer 2011 and how we I was really going to make the best of it this year. I think I have done a decent job thus far of creating articles that relate to the season and am hopefully setting up the template for how things will run for years to come around here.

E3 coverage was fun but tiring and with the launch of the new "Gaming Hub" section of the website hopefully you guys can start to get a better idea of my overall vision for this website. By years end I should have the foundation in place for the kinds of articles that I like to write and dedicated sections for (mostly) everything. So what is next in store here at The Astro Lounge? Well, without giving away any surprises let's just say there is lots of articles ready to go. I have another beverage article that is basically finished, save for some formatting issues and a couple pictures. From there I have a whole handful of things in store, depending on what I feel like writing about next. Comics, toys, food and a whole host of other things are all in the works!

I mentioned prior in my Memorial Day article that come July I would do some minor July 4th / Independence Day articles and all of that stuff is still right on track. Once we get past August and into September expect to see the first full seasonal overhaul of website. Things are going to get fun and chaotic from that point on but I am confident that you guys will love each and every article and post that I have in store from that point on.

But let's not get to ahead of ourselves. It's still Summer and there are still plenty of nice days in front of us. We will get to ghosts and goblins in due time. And I have a feeling that Santa Clause will be invading the privacy of our homes sooner rather than later this year. So I suggest everyone (myself included!) gets outside and gets some sun. We are all starting to look a little pale around here!

One final thought for everyone here. Check out this photo to your immediate left. I snapped this at the local Dollar General store the other day. Yes, it's a display rack for Mountain Dew: Pitch Black! Finding this stuff has thus far been one of my favorite activities for Summer 2011 as Pitch Black has had the strangest release since I originally wrote about it a couple months back. First it was only in a couple gas stations in what appeared to be a very limited run. Then it just seemingly ran out in most locations. All of a sudden, it popped back up in can form... but then those sold out. Not that it mattered because apparently it's selling well enough that Pepsi bulked up supplies. Now the stuff is everyplace. Including this kind of crappy looking display in the middle of your a run of the mill Dollar General. Not that I am complaining. I just really wish it would have been released in October!